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On this page and subsequent cool learning pages, I attempt to capture my learning experiences encountered via the web and through social media. “Collaborative online opportunities to learn”, thus the title Cool Learnings…

August 1, 2011:

Are you a TWIT and proud of it?

In the past three weeks, I have discovered, much to my surprise, the power of Twitter. Until now, I had intentionally avoided using it, not realizing the power and vastness of knowledge-sharing and connectivity that occurs in such a space. My interactions and belief in Twitter took a surprisingly powerful “about face” as a result of a single tweet from Sir Ken Robinson regarding the Imagination Summit:

@SirKenRobinson: The #ImaginationSummit will be streamed live here from NYC, July 21, 2011:

Curious about this event, I clicked on the link. Much to my delight, I was able to attend, via the web, this amazing conference. With this single click, I was launched with full momentum into an amazing journey to Twitterdom!

I have since connected with dynamic individuals from all around the globe, individuals who are deeply inspired and committed to make differences in the lives of others, wonderful people and organizations who are willing to share countless thoughts, ideas and resources. I discovered RSCON3 2011, an inspiring venue fueled by great minds from around the world- what a gift to my learning journey! These two events re-captured my imagination, inspired me to use a much wider range of Social Media to enhance my knowledge-creation, fed my curiosity and passion, and have left me longing to be a TWIT ! (No, not this kind of twit!  :<) aka Monty Python)

What does being a TWIT mean to me now? My new definition embraces the following:

  • Tweeps Webbing Inspirational Talk
  • Transforming With Inspired Tweets/Tweeps
  • Teaching While Integrating Technology
  • Totally Wired Into Technology
  • Technology Wondrously Inspiring Teaching/Teachers

What is your definition of a TWIT? Are you proud to be one, too?

I invite you to share your ideas about being a “TWIT” by clicking on this VoiceThread link or using the comment box below. Thanks for taking time to read this post. Happy tweeting!

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