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Click the following link to view Homelessness Curriculum  Integrated Unit for Grades 3-8

The following song  was recorded by Grade 3 and 4 students as part of a fundraising launch for the Homelessness project they were involved in during their Empathy and Initiative (Character Education) unit. The message in the song asks listeners to consider the true gifts of Christmas and how they might help others in need. Click the link below to hear the recording:

Visual Arts Collaborative Inquiry:

Click the link below to view a Live Binder capturing the journey of our 2011 Visual Arts Collaborative Inquiry. This Live Binder shares teacher and student reflections about the process of teaching and learning that unfolded within respective classrooms as we each explored the question, “If the earth could sing, what would be the songs?” The unit, One Earth, Many Voices,  was the vehicle for structuring the student learning and inquiry, that culminated in the creation of art works reflecting students’ critical and creative thinking about our world and its inhabitants.

Down the Beanstalk:

The following is an excerpt from the anti-bullying musical I wrote entitled, Down the Beanstalk, performed by students from Grades 4- 8 at Windham Ridge Elementary. This excerpt features the final song “Someone Who Believes in You”. The lyrics were inspired by a former student who came back to visit me at the beginning of the school year. He said he wanted to let me know that I had made a difference in his life and had been the reason he was able to succeed. His powerful words, “Thanks, Mrs S, for believing in me”, will always live in my heart, reminding me that our work as teachers can make or break futures. So, remember…  always find a way to believe in all your students, even the most challenging…


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