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Abstract for article: Reflections on the Role of a School Leader

In this article I reflect upon the qualities and actions that guide me in my role as a leader in the pursuit of continuous improvement. It is an endless pursuit of quality and ultimately depends on creating synergy amongst people, aligning values and working together in a positive, nurturing environment, while staying committed to ensuring dialogue and agreement occurs around what quality looks like, feels like, sounds like.

Abstract for article: Deepening Understanding Through the Arts

Written for York Region District School Board’s New Teacher (NTIP) Newsletter, December 2009, this article provides new teachers with insights into the power of the Arts, encouraging them to consider the ways in which the Arts, when embedded into planning and instruction, can further support and enhance student learning and success.

Generative Curriculum Philosophy

Generative Curriculum is philosophically rooted by nature. What is created through working generatively in developing curriculum is dependent upon what each individual brings to his or her unique collaborative learning environment. Some important beliefs regarding it are outlined below.

Generative curriculum…

  • Evolves and is evolving.
  • Honors and celebrates diversity.
  • Completely recognizes individual uniqueness, individual needs and readiness.
  • Is facilitated by teachers who guide, nurture, challenge, encourage and learn.
  • Supports making connections to the Real World.
  • Captures real moments.
  • Leads to more congruency between beliefs and actions.
  • Encourages communication, conversation, collaboration, and cooperation.
  • Involves assessment as another learning tool.
  • Involves students in the  development of self-assessments, goal setting, rubrics, peer-assessments.
  • Inspires life long learners and accountability.
  • Is experiential and process-oriented.
  • Provides learning journeys that become far greater than the end product.
  • Requires flexibility, open minds, a variety of perspectives, respect and passion.
  • Builds windows to the soul through providing opportunity for reflection and introspection.

Powerful teachings regarding the Four Directions:

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